How to Use Crowdfunding for Personal Financing

Before the Great Recession, college students who were short on cash could open up a credit card. Working through school is tough, so most students rely on student funding to pay for day to day necessities – but when that runs out, there are few...

3 years ago

The Surprising Way Title Loans Work

The typical consumer has access to a wide range of funding from credit cards to personal loans – but for those with lower credit scores, there are far fewer options. Title loans provide a source of funding for the under-served, those who...

3 years ago

Are Prepaid Debit Cards The Only Way to Manage Your Money?

Opening a checking is usually a simple process - if you’ve never received a negative mark on your banking history that is. For those who have made financial mistakes, opening an account with a traditional bank can be...

3 years ago

What are “Fair Credit” Credit Cards?

Your credit score determines a lot – it determines what types of loans and credit cards you qualify for, how much you can borrow, and your interest rate. It seems unfair, but the better your credit score is, the less you’ll be required to pay...

3 years ago